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Capricorn Stables - SUNDAY CLASSES

More photos from the 50 - 80cm classes will be coming soon!

Dunblane Night Show

Photo's will be uploaded shortly :) Please follow our Facebook page for updates :) Imagine Photography https://www.facebook.com/SABlackburnPhotography/

Dunblane 20k Yard Challenge & Derby - SAND ARENA

We would like to thank Bianca Van Vuuren for helping us as a second shooter today :) Please let us know what you thought of her photographs! :) We would like to use her as second shooter in the future too. 072 133 3717 https://www.facebook.com/SABlackburnPhotography/?ref=bookmarks

Dunblane 20k Yard Challenge & Derby - GRASS ARENA

Photos taken by S.A.Blackburn Please follow us on Facebook for more information and updates on future events We thank you for your business :) https://www.facebook.com/SABlackburnPhotography/

Hollyberry Hall DRESSAGE

Photos will be uploaded shortly Congratulations to all the competitors 🎉 Please like our Facebook page for updates https://www.facebook.com/SABlackburnPhotography/

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